Areas Of Operation

Our areas of operation touch various domains of Hospitality and Service Industry. Post mystery audits we create need based training modules for all staff categories. We address key concerns of all hospitality-driven business. Our tailor made and designed matrices, solutions, and training programs address all domains in the Hospitality and Service  Industry.

Our areas of operation are in the following five categories:

Hospitality Domain

We provide matrices including digital images and sound files, solutions and training initiatives that are specific to the following categories:
Renard Global Management Hotel/Restaurant Renard Global Management Health/Entertainment


• Hotels
• Historic Adaptive Reuses
• Restaurants and Cafes
  • Spas
• Rejuvenation Centers
• Resorts
• Clubs and Pubs

Sales and Marketing Audit Platform (SMAP)

A substantial research in the Sales and Marketing Divisions of the hospitality industry enticed Renard Global Management to introduce SMAP in the Corporate, Regional, and unit level. This platform is designed to garner information during face-to-face discussions with core sales team and to verify whether they have been following the processes and documentation procedures of their Sales and Marketing Operations.

Travel Domain

Guest hospitality for this domain is broadly divided into two categories as mentioned below:
Renard Global Management Airlines Renard Global Management Cruise Lines

Our operations audits and trainings are specific to the categories to match the type of products and service this domain demands. We provide customized services to suit the specific needs of this domain.

Retail Domain

The customers for this domain will have a very short exposure to our client’s products and services. The services provided should be quick, crisp, and satisfying. Hence, our matrices are built to suit various domains listed below:
Renard Global Management Super malls Renard Global Management Boutiques Renard Global Management Automotive Showrooms Renard Global Management Financial Organizations
Renard Global Management Food Retailers Renard Global Management Jewelers Boutiques Renard Global Management Banking    

Training Initiatives

Our basic training modules are designed from the staff and clients’ perspective. Customization of the basic module will include training sessions, discussions, demonstrations, and audio-visual presentations. We recommend training for the staff to fill the gaps identified in the services during the operations / mystery audit.