Our Mystery and Operations Audit matrices are specific to every hospitality domain. We compare against international benchmarks while performing these Operations Audits and Evaluations. We customize our domain-specific broad-spectrum matrices to suit your business needs. These customizations are designed to support the bearings of the products and service standards on the overall guest experience. To arrive at these customized matrices our team will work with the management to understand your policies and procedures. This will help us understand your existing SOPs/KOPs and also their expectations from our operations audit process.

During our Operations Audits, apart from identifying the customer-perceptible service gaps and product maintenance standards, we go into micro-level activities. For instance, while rooming a guest, we observe and document how well the staff managed to follow a process. Our micro-level observations and reporting will bring out the real quality of the service provided to the hotel guests. Some of the parameters we cover during our Operations Audit for the following domains are listed in the links below: 

Hotels Operations Audit
Sales and Marketing Audit Platform (SMAP)
Airlines/Cruise Lines Service Audit
Retail Businesses Audit