Our recommendations

Our recommendations follow our Operations Audit Reports. We recommend you to:

Renard Global Management Ensure that Policies and SOPs/KOPs are defined, understood, and implemented throughout the organization.
Renard Global Management Define the management’s responsibilities, mission, vision, and objectives. This will strengthen the guidelines for future activities in the organization.
Renard Global Management Review and follow our Operations Audit Reports, analyses, and solutions with a positive approach to bring about constructive changes in the organization.
Renard Global Management Continuously follow processes to enhance the level of the products, services, and guest delight.
Renard Global Management Continuously assess efficiency levels and efforts of mid-level staff and line staff. Provide training to employees including introduction of new concepts of efficient service through technological advancement in the hospitality industry.
Renard Global Management Undergo an Operations Audit in the peak, mid, and low seasons of your business. This will reflect the true picture of the issues affecting the growth/decline in service standards of the organization.

We at Renard Global Management are totally committed to providing you with quality services, solutions, and training that enable you to measure up against the industry benchmarks.