Our Approach

Helping you to live upto your brand promise is our commitment. To abide by our commitment, we: 
Renard Global Management Understand and adhere to service compliance policies of your company
Renard Global Management Discuss processes and procedures
Renard Global Management Perform Operations Audit based on your requirements

Our Operations Audit:
Renard Global Management Provides service excellence evaluation and analytical observations
Renard Global Management Offers recommendations
Renard Global Management Provides guidelines and strategies

We extend our services by:
Renard Global Management Creating need-based training modules
Renard Global Management Providing training initiatives for employees
Renard Global Management Ensuring high-levels of employee motivation
Renard Global Management Encouraging suggestive selling


We partner with you, to enhance your guest base, by promoting your customer loyalty, thereby enabling you to match your brand promise. We respect your investment in products and people, and your endeavor to provide world-class services to your guests. 

Our team is experienced in multicultural environments across varied hospitality domains. Our operations audit team will focus on the key issues impacting brand recognition and guest loyalty, such as: 
Renard Global Management Product quality maintenance Renard Global Management Integrity and honesty within the organization
Renard Global Management Quality of services through out the guest areas Renard Global Management Opportunity for growth
Renard Global Management Employee attitude and performance Renard Global Management Increase in revenue through up-selling traits

We assist you in improving your Service Excellence Standards. Renard Global Management over the years has been recommending its clients to follow up the processes to gain:
Renard Global Management Total Customer Satisfaction Renard Global Management Customer Loyalty Renard Global Management Customer Retention

Our matrices for evaluation and analyses are customized to suit your specific business needs.

Operations Audit

Our mystery audits will provide an insight into the day-to-day activities within your organization. Our mystery guests who perform service evaluations will identify gaps as well as strengths in the guest services, at the macro and micro-levels of operation. The gaps we garner are never reported, because the customers/guests will never relate their true experience even in an anonymous feedback form and hence these gaps tend to go unnoticed. These gaps usually spread through word-of-mouth, and might affect the business on a gradual scale. Minute details like the magazines in the pick-up limousine being dog-eared and the newspaper not being available in a morning pick-up are highlighted in the mystery audit reports. These mystery reports will assist to: 
Renard Global Management Enhance guest services
Renard Global Management Exceed guest expectations
Renard Global Management Increase guest satisfaction levels

Our mystery audit team’s objective, approach, and analysis for your business operations will reflect your strengths and areas for improvement. Based on our experiences over the years we suggest to our clients that service evaluations must be performed at least twice annually where by the management teams get an opportunity to improve their scores compared to their earlier performances.

Sales and Marketing Audit Platform (SMAP)

Sales and Marketing Audit Platform (SMAP) is a comprehensive list of Sales and Marketing processes that covers not only the sales efforts, but seeks to link sales firmly to the broader marketing plan of the Hotel, Regional office, and the Group. SMAP is designed to facilitate the interaction between our professionals and the organization’s sales team, monitor their existing system of process follow ups, and to check if the documentation is done diligently. Once the processes are documented and compared with the requirements for their success, the Sales and Marketing division will have better-monitored and measured productivity.


In the hospitality industry, it is very important that employees are well trained and they are cognizant of long-term implications of the quality of service they provide to the guests. Therefore, it is essential to train staff at all levels with soft skills and technical skills required to maintain high service standards of the organization. 

Our approach in handling the training programs is as follows:
1. Train the trainer for:
Leadership Development 
Performance Appraisals
2. Supplement/create well-written manuals with:
  a. Specific manuals for each area of operation within the organization
3. Train the employees in essential traits such as:
Soft Skills 
Technical Skills 
Communications (Telephone) Etiquettes
Dealing with Demanding Guests
Guest Relations
4. Ensure training is effectively implemented through:
  a. Frequent and Mystery Audits